Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Hover Tank

The Coalition Hover Tank. It has two turret weapons, missile pods, and a cap to goes on the top to make a transport version.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Events and Update

  Things are coming along nicely as the day’s fast approaching for the production Griffin CAM to go on sale. Not sure yet how to sale them as I'm trying to setup a website now. Other things have been happening. I’ve started cranking out new models for the vehicles and Infantry that populate the Conflict Horizon universe. I have loads of new miniatures ready for the printers and many more ready for the casters with money being the only thing slowing me down. Tanks, Hovercraft, VTOLs, and Aircraft are all in the works also, hopefully giving a very complete view of the setting. Know that it will be a slow process (as you can most likely tell already) ;). I’ve had many emails about the miniatures which gives me great hope for the future of this game and company.

   The only thing I want is for the game and the universe to be as rewarding to you guys as it is for me making it. I’ve had lots of help from a lot of great people in my life, like John Ross and James Burrell. These two have really helped me get set in the right direction which allowed me to move forward with baby steps. I’ve learned a lot from James about 3D modeling and John has helped me a lot with parts.

   I just wanted to say these words so people could know what this game world is all about. I want to thank all you people that have come and visited my blog and hope that I can create something that will appeal to you, something that you’ll love as much as I do.

Thank you